Vision, Mission, and Inspiration

The name is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning effulgence of the sun, radiance or light can never diminish. Before the name was formally registered, we had an audacious dream, to deliver a service that would be so noteworthy, that there would be no marketing required to speak for our caliber among stakeholders. That our brand name itself, would go on to be synonymous with ‘shining all the way and paving a path even when there appeared to be none’; much like the magnificent sun.


To streamline archaic and broken business processes


To redefine the usual order of the IT services and solutions business by the integration amongst clients, employees, and partners to create a cohesive ServiceNow ecosystem where the business goals of both parties converge. We strive to create a high-engineering workplace where the in-house practices, policies, and behaviors promote respect, integrity, career development & success to anyone who may join us on this journey.
Our Inspiration

Sunlight.. the very cause of survival on earth for the last 4.5 billion years, when it was believed that a catastrophic collision of two galaxies went on to be the origin of life as we know it.

Slowly, from chaos, came the order. Slowly, from scattered and broken pieces, came the whole. And that’s what we refer to as ‘the beginning’. For months, we pondered about the name of our company and then it struck.

Everything needs a beginning. A starting point, a seed. ‘Dyooti’ the name came to mind. In Sanskrit Dyooti means sunlight, radiance, and the beginning…

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