At Dyooti, culture plays a key role for employees, stakeholders, and the world at large to see us for who we are. As the organization is on the brink of embracing its third year in national and international operations, we consider the perks as the first set of many more wonderful things to come.

For us, it’s simple. Culture is the way we think, act, and interact. We have 5 values at Dyooti and believe in walking the talk when it comes to demonstrating the behaviors that are appreciated and encouraged.


C for Client-centricity

is “go the extra mile”. Success is understanding clients’ situations, perceptions, and expectations from the client’s point of view. The ability to anticipate and deliver beyond those explicitly mentioned is an excellent way to measure client-centricity at the core of operations. Client experience is everything, so we need to get it right. A great client experience or work review will leave people feeling heard and appreciated. It minimizes friction, maximizes efficiency and maintains a healthy balance between expectations and reality.

A for Accountability

defined as “provide solutions and finish the race”. Accountability is a practice, more than anything else. It is a cornerstone in which the organization’s working style is defined. The value of accountability spans social, professional, personal, and moral accountability to those we encounter in the workplace. The first step in accountability is for everyone to commit to finishing the race with no excuses

T for Transparency

 defined as “clarity first”, an approach that has applications in the micro and macro perspectives of the employee, organization, and client. Being transparent means that we are honest about our expectations, the road map to reach the destination, and how we can support each other along the way. Transparency is aimed at forging genuine relationships, clarifying intentions, and establishing trust over time within the team and with the client.

I for Inclusion

defined as “provide solutions and finish the race”. defined as “enabling the potential for greater results”. Simply put, we view the world by what we think is possible. Dyooti’s hashtag #letmeritdothetalking is an insight into our collaborative style. Dyooti prioritizes inclusion towards greater innovation, productivity and performance, talent retention, opportunity, and workforce well-being.

E For Empathy

 is “seeing what’s invisible because there is power in perspective”. We must not write off what goes unseen in a world with fundamental interdependence on one another. Actions and interactions from anyone have meaning, and if we aspire to be successful, we must engage in a fruitful dialogue to have a genuine and deep understanding. Empathy is critical in winning relationships, as it is crucial to bring a natural sense of belongingness and value to every single employee.

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