• Registered Dyooti in Canada & India

  • Started building workflow solutions to streamline broken processes

  • Won our first Canadian client

  • Clientele size: 1+

  • Team size: 2



  • Pivoted from building products to ServiceNow Solutions

  • Registered Dyooti in USA

  • Started specialising in ServiceNow based delivery.

  • Clientele size: 2+

  • Team size: 5+

  • Won a major Fortune 500 account to augment ServiceNow capability

  • Set up physical office in Chennai, India

  • Clientele size: 5+

  • Team size: 25+



  • Won multiple clients across Asia Pacific

  • Set up physical office in Toronto, Canada

  • Clientele size: 9+

  • Team size: 60+

  • Acquired ServiceNow consulting company in India

  • Won clients across USA, Central America, Europe & Middle East

  • Set up physical office in Hyderabad, India

  • Clientele size: 15+

  • Team size: 100+


  • Plan to expand the clientele in North America

  • To set up a physical office in Atlanta, USA

  • Increase the clientele to 25+

  • Plan to scale the team to 150+


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    +1 415-523 -1775 (Ext. 4000)
    US/CA: +1 647-473-5932

    ServiceNow Solutions

    We provide workflows that can evolve into a powerful engine for growth. Harness operational flexibility through enhanced adaptability to seize the opportunity

    Customer Workflows

    Using digital processes, we unify clients, front-line agents, as well as middle and back-office staff onto a single ServiceNow platform through ServiceNow Customer Workflows, enabling the scaling of customer operations

    Employee Workflows

    We provide workflows capable of converting it into a fully developed growth catalyst. Harness the advantages of operational flexibility to enhance workforce adaptability

    Technology Workflows

    Powerful tool to enable organizations to orchestrate, manage, and optimize complex technology processes with ease

    Creator Workflows

    Leveraging a low-code platform, you can swiftly develop digital workflow applications, enabling rapid scaling throughout the organization to construct seamless, interconnected user experiences that are highly enjoyable

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